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Success stories in Tech recruitment

Alpha Bank
Alpha Bank has started its large-scale digitization process and is continuing to be our trusted partner in business. We've recruited more than several hundred tech candidates of various specializations, such as Java, Front End, C#, iOS, Android, SAP engineers, QA Testers, BA, DevOps engineers, and IT Security specialists. 97% of candidates successfully passed the trial period.

Furthermore, within the last three years, the recruitment process outsourcers (RPO) program initiated by Selecty provided many leading players in dozens of our partners' projects.
150+ employees for the biggest retailer
Selecty began providing digital transformation solutions for retailers in 2017, and over the last five years, we have successfully completed 152 projects, hiring tech talent from a variety of fields, including Java, Frontend, Python, Data Science, Big Data, SAP, SQL, QA, iOS, Android, BA, System Analysts, and PMs, as well as positions in executive HR, marketing, and e-commerce.

Selecty has also delivered several long-term RPO projects to our partners that substantially preserved our clients' budgets.
Premium Grocery Retailer
Selecty partnered with one of the largest grocery retailers, which operates in the premium segment. For the whole time of collaboration, we've conducted executive searches and filled more than 50 field-specific open positions for procurement, marketing, sales, HR, and IT departments across Russia.
555+ within a YEAR
We present you with one of the most remarkable Selecty cases. We've partnered with one of the leading grocery retail chains, each with their own production and trademarks. This collaboration has truly highlighted our full potential in tech and managerial recruitment.

Our partner chose a turnkey recruitment model: our account managers were fully in charge of the entire tech recruitment process, communicating directly with business customers and fully diving into the client's recruitment processes. That resulted in achieving a vast number of objectives as promptly as possible without unnecessary distractions from core business activities.

After only a year of working together with Selecty, our leading retail partner, has employed
568 candidates who started off their work in the shortest period. More years of cooperation
to come!
Outstanding cases for e-retail pioneer
We are proud to share that one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Russia is Selecty's reliable partner, who has been using our IT recruitment services for many years.

During the year 2021, we recruited 95 high-end tech talents, including Java, front-end, iOS, Android, QA, SAP, Python engineers, system and business analysts, as well as top management.

We've also completed our longest RPO project. Our HR implants have been working with the partner for more than a year.
Tech Recruitment in Mining and Metallurgical industry
It's been several fruitful years since we began providing tech specialists for one of the mining and metallurgical industry market leaders. Our partnership, however, goes beyond tech talent recruitment.

Our partner receives Selecty's professional advice in recruiting engineers, project designers, and other rare field specialists. With such assistance in closing dozens of roles, our partner increased its chances of advancement in the mining and metallurgical industries and succeeded both in Russia and abroad.
Metallurgy company's largest insourcer
This partnership began in 2018. From August 2018 until the end of 2019, with tight deadlines in place, our partner successfully managed to transition to a new version of SAP S4/HANA. Overall, the company hired more than 80 tech specialists with the help of Selecty talented staff: SAP, ABAP, Java, architect engineers, QA testers, analysts, and PMs.

At the same time, most of the positions were handled under exclusive terms, which allowed Selecty to reveal its full potential in solving complex problems in the shortest time.
A+ Recruitment
While working with the largest grocery chain retailer in the local market, Selecty employed more than 20 line managers in the marketing, procurement, sales, finance, and IT departments.

On top of that, in just three months, our Executive Search team recruited the Head of Digital Transformation and other C-level positions.
70+ tech professionals for reliable employer
For several years Selecty has been a reliable vendor of the best IT specialists for one of the biggest multipurpose Russian banks. Our experienced IT recruiters are seeking the talents for various positions, such as Mobile app development, Java Front end, QA, and BA.

Moreover, we have covered the bank's top management positions and placed more than 70 vacancies in various specializations.
IT Support for MIC base bank
Selecty has offered its IT services to the bank of the military-industrial complex (MIC) and is currently providing system support for the bank's IT department. In less than a year, more than 50 employees have been successfully hired on iOS, Android, QA, DevOps, Java, Front End, and C# positions.

Another scope of work involved a general search for the key positions, which were efficiently filled as well. Currently, recruitment services for various levels of positions are performed on a regular basis.
Challenge completed: full IT recruitment service
Selecty has closed a substantial number of vacancies in the tech and industrial sectors for one of the largest Russian oil and gas companies.

Our team thoroughly selected the needed personnel, with consideration to special requirements for staff qualification, quality of workplace management, and corporate culture.
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