Our mission
Selecty ensures technological advancement and leadership for world-leading organizations
by providing top-tier IT specialists
Our principles
All Selecty processes are designed to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible. We don't wait for luck to come our way. We get the job done.
Our principles
We are working for the result rather than the process and reports. Selecty statistics accurately reflect the current data and numbers.
Our principles
Innovative business practices
Automation of all operations, a contemporary CRM and HRM system, dashboards, cloud platforms, and the integration of Autoworks, messengers, and social networks all contribute to our innovative approach.
Our principles
Perpetual evolving
It is our obligation to help our employees master their skills and become the best versions of themselves, both professionally and personally.
Our principles
Transparency and honesty
Above all, in our professional environment, we value employee trust and openness in dealing with clients. We are confident that this is the only method to discover the best answer to any problem.
Our principles
Result-based management
We believe in our team, our colleagues, and the company's overall success. All company managers and team leaders embrace the rule "Lead by example, not by force".

Our history

25% of the IT recruitment market share,
x3,1 expansion
Our Milestones:
  • New office (Baltschug Island)
  • 500+ developers on staff
  • Entered the Top 100 IT companies of Cnews
20% of the IT recruitment market share,
x2,4 expansion
Our Milestones:
  • Office at the metro station Kuznetsky Most
  • 55 recruiters
  • 75 employees
  • 32 clients from RBC-500
  • 200 developers on staff
15% of the IT recruitment market share,
x2,7 expansion
Our Milestones:
  • 35 recruiters
  • 150 clients
  • Creating an IT Outsourcing department
5% of the IT recruitment market share,
x2,6 expansion
Our Milestones:
  • Moving into our first office
  • 20 employees
x3 revenue growth
Our Milestones:
  • 7 remote consultants
  • 10 clients
First successes
Our Milestones:
  • 14 implemented projects
  • 2 international clients
Founding Selecty Group
Breathtaking coasts of South China Sea inspired the idea of starting a new generation recruitment agency