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Success stories in IT outstaffing

IT Force for Top-3 Bank
For over two years, Selecty has been the primary vendor, proud and active participant in the global digital transformation of one of the biggest banks in the CIS market. It is almost impossible to count the number of ongoing and completed projects our outsourcing team have contributed to.
Some projects focused solely on developing mobile banking apps for retail businesses. Hundreds of specialists in the following specializations played a role in the complex development process:
  • Java
  • Frontend
  • C#
  • iOS
  • Android
  • QA
  • Python
  • Data Scientist
  • Pega
  • SQL
  • DevOps
  • BA and System Analysts
  • Architect Developer
  • Cybersecurity Specialists.
      Winning Ecosystem Race
      With the help of the Selecty team and their talented and dedicated tech specialists, our Top-3 banking partner has entered the financial ecosystems leadership race and turned into a major-league IT tycoon in the banking sphere. Three years of work resulted in the expansion of their IT team with 7000 employees. Imagine that!

      By doubling or tripling up the bank's IT in-house forces with Selecty tech specialists, our partner has successfully fulfilled its ambitious digital transformation plans and solved its complex infrastructure challenges in the short term. Microservice architecture patterns and development of advanced cloud services laid the groundwork for the rapid banking ecosystem development (OpenShift, CloudFoundry, Docker, Apache, AWS, Azure).

      Special regards go to the Selecty QA Automation team that brought stability and reliability to the brand-new eсosystem by incorporating various testing techniques, which included: loading tests, manual tests; self-evaluation accomplished by mock testing; TDD, and unit tests
      Banking and Smart Devices
      A few words about our mobile app development team that successfully faced the unique challenge of building a new line of business within a bank that is pretty pioneering for the market—IoT! Together with our partner, we created a new line of smart devices, from virtual assistants and video streaming services to branded TVs.

      It took us one and a half years to launch several commercially viable devices onto the market, which we developed from scratch. Selecty tech specialists involved in this project developed a unique Smart Android-based platform, providing control of the devices and laying the groundwork for the partner's future marketplace system for the devices. It was not long before IOS-based apps hit the App Store leaderboards by the number of downloads.
      50+ IT Experts
      Our partner, one of the leading European banks, bolstered its IT infrastructure by closely working with Selecty Company Group.
      Our collaboration drove the growth and profit of Home Credit Bank. Selecty experts in Java, iOS, Android, and QA swiftly joined the in-house team and significantly contributed to the development of mobile banking apps and the digitalization of our partner's inner business processes.
      2022: Towards Innovation
      Standing firmly on our fintech feet, Selecty Tech engineers have joined one of the most innovative companies in the fintech sector.

      We've provided over 60 employees of various specializations, such as front and back end, mobile app developers, DevOps engineers, BAs and system analysts, architect developers, QA testers, and team leaders. They successfully joined our partner's HR forces and worked tirelessly on bringing modern, complex tech solutions for back and front offices, developing cutting-edge fintech products and Big Data system design.
      Discovery of the Year
      We are proud to announce that one of the most reliable brokers, according to «AАА.ru.iv», put their trust in Selecty Group and became our partner. Our collaboration will target the resolution of IT business needs.

      The client's team was integrated with the best tech specialists in the financial sector. They joined the partner's already strong teams of developers and fully met the challenges of automatic performance in the stock market field.
      No Mobile Borders
      During the collaboration with one of the top companies in the TeleCom industry (listed on Forbes' Top 20 list), our tech experts joined forces in the development and maintenance process of several apps for end-users, including their very own film streaming service.
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