Referral program
Selecty employees are compensated for referring mid-level and higher specialists
We always have a lot of interesting projects
for specialists of different profiles
Mobile development
System and business analytics
Q/A (manual, auto)
Other specializations
The bonus is paid to the employee in exchange for the recommendation of a middle and above level specialist (the referral
of interns or junior specialists does not fall under the current program).
Let them know about us
Feel free to mention to your candidate a few words about Selecty,
its advantages, and corporate culture before our HR interview.
Let them know what an exciting opportunity this is!
Send your referral here
We advise you to attach a CV or a LinkedIn profile of the candidate. In case you don't have it, simply write the candidate's name and contact details so that the recruiter can request all the required information.
What will happen next?
You have forwarded the referral
We check candidates' profiles within our company's database to confirm
that no one else has recommended them before and that our recruiters
have not reached out to them either.
Within 24 hours
If there are no conflicts, we will inform you that your recommendation has been accepted and the candidate will be officially assigned to you for the next six months.
Selecty recruitment team gets acquainted with the referred
specialist through several rounds of interviews.
Final decision
After the final "yes," comes the procedure of the offer's approval.
Once completed, we will inform you of further details regarding
the referred candidate's employment.
Terms of receiving the bonus
Receving referral bonus
You will receive the referral bonus with the next paycheck (once the referred employee passes their trial period, which usually lasts for three months).
  1. The candidate started working on 01.04.2022
  2. The trial period ended on 01.07.2022
  3. You will get a bonus on 10.07.2022 with your paycheck as it will be the closest payday
Additional bonus conditions:
Both the employee and the referred candidate must be working at Selecty at the time the bonus is paid.
Dismissed employees are not eligible to receive the referral bonus.
Candidates can be accommodated not only in Russia but outside of the country as well (our customers' projects are mostly remote).