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Where to find IT experts?

The demand for skilled IT specialists has drastically increased in the last several years. The competitive business world of today drives entrepreneurs to offer unique and efficient services through technological novelties. The vast influence of the global pandemic only accelerated the need for online presence via apps and websites; companies worldwide embraced the need for modernization and representation in the digital space. Thus, the demand for IT specialists has increased exponentially. Getting the best of the best has become pertinent to business development and survival.
In this article, we will explore why finding top talent is so challenging and the best ways to find IT experts who will be able to take your company to the next level.
The challenge of finding IT specialists.
Not that long ago, IT professionals were only hired by specialized software firms. However, in the last decade, there has not been a single company that can run without a tech team. Increased demand certainly raised the question of how to find IT specialists and where to start. It seems like it couldn't be any easier! There are hundreds of platforms that are made just for that. In theory, this appears to be fast and efficient. But practice shows that it is actually the opposite.
You may encounter:
Low probability of finding the right candidate.
Good candidates are rarely actively searching for a job opportunity, as they receive plenty of offers each day. Also, their resumes could rarely be found on the average headhunter platforms. Finding them and catching their interest requires a professional approach and access to a vast database of candidates.
Time-consuming process
Available platforms provide millions of candidates a place to post their resumes. All of them have different skills, proficiencies, potentials, etc. Going through each resume can take a lot of time, and when you find a candidate who meets the job requirements, it doesn't mean that they will be the right person for your project. Thus, you may waste many hours of your precious time on fruitless endeavors.
  • Margaret Ivanisheva
    "In the current situation, our Selecty team notices an increased flow of IT specialists' resumes on job search websites. Thus, it provides a great opportunity to create a better recruitment funnel and fill vacancies as quickly as possible. Raising the candidate's interest in improving the project and persuading him to accept the offer are crucial steps in achieving this. "
Methods for finding IT specialists
To avoid the possible complications of the hiring process, Selecty suggests three approaches that might save you a lot of time and resources.
Start a referral program.
Every employee in your company has a network of friends and acquaintances from various fields. An average LinkedIn user has a network of over 400 contacts; some might be right for the job and interested in new opportunities. It would be a shame not to explore that potential! To encourage your employees, you can offer additional incentives in the event of a successful referral hire.
Get professional assistance.
Despite not being cheap, getting assistance from a professional recruitment firm might be the most efficient option to get the best results. Not only will it save you a lot of time, but it will also ensure that you are matched with the most suitable professional. It might also be beneficial to explore outsourcing options. That way, you can get a whole external team of experts for a particular project.
Draw in young professionals.
If you do not have an urgent project requiring an expert professional immediately, this option might be the one you want to explore. Young professionals are usually hardworking and open to learning opportunities. By providing certain positions for the next generation of IT specialists, you can shape them into experts and offer them the relevant experience they require.
Where to find top talent? 4 useful platforms.
In this section, we list several useful platforms recommended by Selecty experts to ease the recruitment process and find the best IT talent.
LinkedIn Talent Solutions has over 750 million active members and is one of the best social networks for professionals in any field. It has a vast database of users, an accessible interface, and customizable search options to discover the right people. LinkedIn has one of the largest hiring pools accessible, making it one of the greatest recruitment platforms based solely on pool size.
Upwork is a professional marketplace for writers, graphic designers, and web developers from all over the world. The majority of professionals there are highly skilled and experienced. Getting used to the filter system can be a little tricky, but it is an excellent platform for successfully filling some highly specialized roles.
Indeed provides a vast user database and versatile features for finding the most suitable candidates. Indeed allows you to create unlimited job listings and, if necessary, unlock a greater range of features for a small fee. You can also sponsor job listings and use the Indeed Hiring Platform to automate more than 70% of your recruiting process.
The iCIMS Talent Cloud Platform searches for candidates using algorithms, machine learning, and sophisticated artificial intelligence. Candidates may be vetted and classified using a variety of measures, and analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are implemented to reduce bias and assure diverse hiring.

Recruiting and finding IT professionals is not easy. It takes a lot of time, resources, and meticulous and attentive work. The materials we've provided in this article will hopefully assist you in the process. Meanwhile, if you require urgent hiring, you might want to seek professional recruitment services, which can help you accelerate the process and find the best candidates for your project's requirements.
If you have any questions or need advice, contact Selecty today, and we will help you find the right solution.
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