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Recruitment in a nutshell:
whom are you looking for?

Any stakeholder in the tech industry, whether it is a business owner or a project manager, has a deep understanding that stairs to success are made not only of ideas and business tasks. The core of any professional success is people and a right team. In the era of capitalism and ever-emerging tech markets, right talent acquisition plays one of the main roles on both stages of small private business owners and business tycoons.
That is where recruitment comes into play - the process of actively seeking out, finding and hiring candidates for a specific position or job. The recruitment definition includes the entire hiring process, from inception to the individual recruit's integration into the company. In today's highly competitive playing field, methods and tools of hiring professionals have significantly altered from those which were in use even 10 years ago. Can you imagine posting an ad into your local paper?
As talents are half of your company's success, you need to understand what criterias they should meet in order to join your team as a puzzle. You should also be aware where that tech talent pool is, how to fish there and what to feed them.
Surely, HR departments, no matter if they consist of only one or fifty employees, can do the job themselves, however, other duties apart from hiring/recruiting, may halt the process, especially in the software development and tech industry in general. That's where recruitment agencies come up on stage who deal with fast and effective recruitment in a short time for the clients to save money and effort so companies can stay on the business track without getting super deep in the recruitment routine (by the way, that's us - hit here for an initial consultation).
Let's briefly go through the basics of recruitment and how it can be beneficial to cooperate with recruitment agency like us.
First things first - what is the process of recruitment itself and why is it delegated?
Recruitment is the process of finding specific people to work for a company or become a new member of an organization. Recruitment combines a number of various techniques, methods, tools and guidelines for liaising with clients and future candidates. In a nutshell, it is a many-level process of providing the best candidates for specific positions or tasks.
Filling your vacancies appropriately (meaning spending minimum time which is money receiving maximum efficiency), you first need to set the goals for your recruiting campaign.

Let's go through several recruitment types to build a brighter picture for you:
Mass recruitment
Such type of recruitment solves your business goals when you are in need of new employees for mostly administrative positions or you experience staff turnover. In this case, requirements for the experience and qualifications of the candidates will be relatively low and our Selecty.io recruiters will solve your challenge in a very short period of time after clarifying the scale of your project.
Management selection
When you are in need of middle management for specific positions which can be either "ordinary" or "special", this recruitment type is for you. Each candidate is undergoing a multi-level scanning by our recruiters for the relatability of required qualifications and experience. A vivid example is recruiting tech specialists. The IT industry has reached such a level of competition between the specialists that now it has become extremely challenging to find the gems on your own. In this case, agencies like Selecty.io will be an immense help to get the right techie in no time.
Executive search
Pretty clear from the heading - you are searching for a C-level candidate(s). In this case, the tools used in the recruitment process significantly vary from other ways - for example, screening CVs would be a waste of time as C-level executives are rarely out of work. Selecty.io has a vast network of tech executives of various fields and experience so we thoroughly cater for your business needs.
  • Firuza Mirsaitova
    CEO of St. Petersburg branch
    What is involved in executive search projects is individual approach towards the concrete business challenge and collaborative work of a consultant and a client, whether it's CEO, Managing Director or a business owner. The secret of success is everlasting and it's a client's trust based on the profound expertise of consultants and their professional skill to uncover and understand client's particular needs.
Even clearer from the heading - you know a precise man you want for the position and you ask for his head hunted to your company. Such a request always involves a tailor-made strategy for the wanted employee. What is needed from you is the name and some additional information while we come up with such an offer based on multiple pieces of information that our recruiters find out that such offer cannot but be accepted. Highly experienced recruiters with profound knowledge experience are always in the picture (that is why they work at Selecty.io).

If, while having a look at this article, you've realized that you do face challenges while hiring the right staff, you are at the right place as we at Selecty.io would be glad to cover your business needs and provide the right personnel you need based on your requirements. Recruiting new employees is like any other skilled profession: you can do it yourself, but sometimes it helps to work with a professional.

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