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Automation of recruitment processes, or when Google Disk, Excel, and E-staff are no longer sufficient.

  • How to save the company money by automating recruitment?
  • How to make the recruitment process more transparent for all participants?
  • How to avoid confusion with candidates and resumes?
  • How to increase the efficiency of recruiters' collaboration?
  • How to analyze performance on HR projects and manage them?
Tangible and intangible ways of motivating IT employees, focusing on the significance of the latter.

  • Excellent IT HR brand: choice or necessity?
  • Why invest in a modern office?
  • Informal environment in IT: myth or reality?
  • Why do you need to buy only the latest equipment?
  • Benefits package or what do developers need for happiness?
  • Flexible schedule and remote access as a competitive advantage
  • Modern tech stack - a key factor of choice
  • Proper project management or "clear space, clear mind"
  • How to properly praise developers for their work and why?
  • Professional growth and development as the basis for loyalt
  • Certification as a point of professional growth
  • Adaptation and mentoring in IT or how to keep a person at the start
  • Charity and social projects for developers
  • Gamification: work or play
  • Selecty Case: how our clients' IT HR Brand has changed for the better
  • Material and non-material compensation in Metail&Minning IT Insourcer
  • Intangible Motivation in E-in Luxury Fashion Retailer
Selecty case: admission process to our company, and what we get out of it.

  • What tests investigate and how
  • What test questions can benefit the selection process, and what is better not to test
  • Is it possible to make a decision based on the results of testing?
  • How to make the tests effective?
  • How to make a specific technique work in your conditions?
Insights on how to systematically approach the development of customer's recruitment skills. "Hunting" talented IT recruiters: does it make sense?

  • How to find an effective IT recruiter
  • How are the candidate evaluation processes structured
  • Who does the company need: "strong middles" or unique IT specialists
  • Who is better: internal or external candidate for the position of recruiter or assistant?
  • Employee adaptation and development of partner skill
  • How to systematically approach the development of recruitment skills in the partnership
  • Hunting for talented IT recruiters: does it make sense?
  • Internships for students from TOP10 universities
  • E-learning - fast and accessible
  • Dropout by the up out principle
  • Internship results for 2019