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Adopting Asynchronous Collaboration

There are plenty of tools and services that facilitate asynchronous work, from Google Meets to Dropbox, but here we would like to focus more on the state of mind, not technology. We’ve gathered five ways to help your team embrace the delayed communication work style.

1.  Optimize workflow.
Make sure your team members don’t waste time on unnecessary, routine operations that can be automated. In particular, this applies to giving remote team members access to all necessary documents and files stored online so that they can work with them at any given point in time. You can’t have your employees work remotely and be required to align schedules every time they want to read their emails and have no means to do so.

2. Keep immediate communication around for urgent situations.
Even if your workflow has been made entirely asynchronous, you’ll still need real-time communication channels for urgent issues. Reserve one so that everyone will get notifications for burning questions only.

3. Resort to synchronous collaboration when necessary.
Despite all the virtues of asynchronous collaboration, real-time communication is still valuable. Live get-together sessions provide time to chat with colleagues, brainstorm ideas, and celebrate people who have been doing a great job. We recommend documenting live sessions to share them later on with those who chose not to attend. You can use tools like online whiteboards or simply ask one of the participants to take notes.

4. Give your employees the power to choose which real-time work sessions they attend.
Make immediate communication sessions optional and give your employees the freedom to choose whether they are going to attend a Zoom call or be actively present in a live chat.

5. E-mail is still there!
Continue using the good old email. It’s the best tool for making official company-wide announcements that are not urgent. Remember that an email doesn’t have to be long and complicated.

When the pandemic began, the first thing that changed at work was the location. Now, it’s work time. The fixed schedule becomes obsolete as people strive to make working from home as comfortable and easy as it can get. The concept of asynchronous collaboration allows for tailoring your work schedule to fit your life without compromising productivity.

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