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Upsides of Asynchronous Work

Asynchronous collaboration is not exactly something new. Once you hear the words "remote communication", e-mail is one of the first things that comes to mind, and it was invented a long time ago. It was immediately recognized as a revolutionary tool, designed to help streamline communication among people in various locations or even different time zones.

However, asynchronous collaboration is not just a plan B: sometimes, even when real-time communication is possible, delaying it can be preferable. Here are some of the benefits:

Enhance performance. The majority of people have their "most productive hours" when they feel the most motivated to work, most alert, and most creative. These periods vary from person to person; some find that they put in their best work in the morning, while others feel more productive in the afternoon, or even late at night—night owls, anyone? Delayed communication gives people the freedom to choose when to respond and when to work on their projects. This way, they can tweak their schedule in ways that fit them best.

Grow your workforce pool. Asynchronous collaboration gives you unparalleled freedom in recruiting talent without being limited by location. You can pick people from different time zones or people who are not committed to a fixed-hours job, providing a greater selection of talent.

Lower stress levels. Modern life demands employees to be available 24/7, throwing off their work-life balance, which eventually takes its toll on productivity and lowers motivation. If you make it possible to get back whenever, it will immediately do wonders for workers’ mental health.

Engage different workers. Not all people feel comfortable being expected to come up with decisions on the spot. Some just happen to process things longer and therefore need time to put their thoughts into words. Some actually come up with better ideas when given a bit of time to ponder. These people are not at their best during instant communication, but they can bring the most valuable ideas to the table when not pressured to churn them out immediately, and asynchronous collaboration gives them this opportunity.

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