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What Is Outstaffing?

The word "outstaffing" comes from a blend of the words "outsourcing" and "staff" and constitutes a particularly powerful form of project-based hiring. With outstaffing, you don’t onboard any new employees—you’re essentially teaming up with an independent contractor for a specific project. That means you don’t have to worry about working conditions, remuneration, training, motivation, or the bureaucracy related to employment.

Outstaffing also varies from hiring individual freelancers. With outstaffing, the candidates work with the outstaffing agency, which means there is still a possibility of oversight. The agency acts as a key mediator between the company and the contractor, taking responsibility for the contractor’s payment, keeping the contractor motivated, and providing a reliable platform for direct communication between the two parties. If any issues arise, the outstaffing agency can intervene and help ensure a fair deal for both sides.

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