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How the pandemic has redefined work and hiring practices

Although project-based hiring isn’t possible in all sectors, it is a perfect fit for IT. In the face of the pandemic, its popularity has significantly increased. Many employers have declared their intention to implement more project-based or contract-based hiring for IT projects, and the majority of business leaders in the tech industry agree that finding skilled professionals is tricky. Fortunately, outstaffing tremendously simplifies and exhilarates the process. It is especially applicable if you’re hiring internationally. You can avoid the additional burden of sponsoring the new hire for a work visa, which is a requirement for in-house employees.

The pandemic has also encouraged employees to rethink workplace safety. More and more employees are beginning to emphasize the importance of safety and flexibility in the workplace, both in terms of hours and location. According to average employees, the ideal employer should offer flexible work hours, paid leave, childcare, a safe workplace in the age of COVID-19, and mental health support and resources. Many workers are also interested in a company’s political views and may refuse to work for a company whose views they do not share.

In other words, employees are demanding plenty without offering anything extra from their side. In fact, according to a Gartner report, only 16% of new hires have the skills they need to succeed in their job now and in the future. With outstaffing, companies have an opportunity to hire top talent from all around the world without needing to cater to the increasing demands of employees.

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