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RIF 2022: work-life balance in the digital community

The 26th Russian Internet Forum (RIF) will take place on May 18-20 (2022) in the Lesniye Dali resort near Moscow. This year, the central question of the forum is how to maintain a balance between life and work.

"Besides discussing technology and Internet trends, we want to emphasize digital community life tendencies: preserving resources, combating anxiety. We also want to talk about education, human resources, and business processes, so that everyone can gain new insights, exchange experiences, and find a job or business partners," the RIF press service says.

During RIF 2022 experts of the information technology market will tell how recruiting mechanisms have changed this spring, reveal the importance of the HR brand today, share anti-crisis strategies for businesses, and talk about import substitution and digital transformation. Particular attention will be paid to the discussion of mental health in a digital world and the impact of technology on people.

The event will traditionally combine a forum, an exhibition, and a large-scale
festival (sports activities, concerts, flash mobs, team competitions).

Covid restrictions are over! It is time to restore the format of the IRL :)
See you at the RIF soon!